About Us

Kia ora. Welcome to to Kiwi Buddies! We are taking part in The Lion Foundation Enterprise Scheme. Thank you for visiting us. 

Kiwi Buddies is a small, new student-led business. Our mission is to create and sell each of our soft toys online and through markets (such as Takapuna Sunday Market) to help raise awareness and educate the younger generation about New Zealand endangered animals as we are passionate to protect and ensure the safety of NZ endangered animals. 10% of all profit will go to Endagered Species Foundation of New Zealand; an organization that focuses to protect New Zealand’s most vulnerable species and habitats from extinction.

Our logo depicts the Kiwi bird, New Zealand’s national animal. The gradient green arrows symbolise the recycling cycle, as our products are made of recycled fabrics which is done in hopes to reduce texile waste. These arrows circles the kiwi birds silhouette, symbolising our resolution to protect NZ endangered species, such as kiwi birds. 

At Kiwi Buddies, we create and sell different soft toys of endangered New Zealand animals; Okarito kiwi, Yellow-Eyed penguin, Maui dolphins, and Hooker’s sea lion.

As we have our values, all the soft toys that are produced are: 

  • Local ‒ have everything locally sourced and locally made,

  • Enviromentally sustainable ‒ manufactured using only recycled materials, biodegradable and recylable packaging and 

  • Clean ‒ all fabric are washed thoroughly, made of 100% cotton, easy to wash.

Please feel free to contact us for any comments or questions!

Thank you. 


Kiwi Buddies